Toto toilets bring bionic bogs to the UK

Toto, manufacturer of Japanese high-tech toilets, has opened a store in London. We warm the seat for you

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Richard Trenholm

Crave never misses an apportunity to plumb the depths of toilet humour, so we were delighted by the news that high-tech toilet trafficker Toto has opened a store in London. Everyone knows Japanese technology is better than ours, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of the WC.

Toto makes some of the most convenient conveniences money can buy. The range of posterior-pampering bionic bogs includes the entry-level Washlet C110, the remote-controlled E200 and the top of the range S400.

The S400 boasts automatic lid opening and closing, automatic flushing, front and rear washing, heated seat and 'massage feature'. You'll be spending more than a penny, however, with prices going up to £8,000 -- if you're feeling flush.

The Guardian reports on the new shop, on St John Street in Clerkenwell. US readers can cleanse their keisters on the Japanese johns in assorted restaurants in LA, New York and Atlanta.

Leave us a comment telling us -- and we can't believe we're writing this, we've got a degree y'know -- about the most high-tech toilet experience you've ever had.