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Toaster oven rivals <i>oven</i>-oven in versatility

The Calphalon Convection Toaster Oven combines features into one handy kitchen appliance.

Quick and easy meal-maker. Crate & Barrel

Toaster ovens may be multitaskers by design, but quite often, they seem to not live up to their potential when actually in use. Sure, you can reheat pizza or broil an open face sandwich, but when it comes to actually cooking something (other than, well, toast), they often seem to fall short of the mark. No longer is that the case, as the toaster ovens of today offer a host of features.

The Calphalon Convection Toaster Oven combines the easy-to-use features of a toaster oven with the versatility of a convection oven. Large enough to accommodate a 12-inch pizza or a whole chicken, the convection oven offers true versatility in a small kitchen appliance. Toasting and baking are accomplished via separate functions and switching between the two is as easy as a push of a button. Heat is delivered via upper and lower elements, while the fan circulates the heat for even cooking. A timer is included and the nonstick interior easily wipes clean.

All that you would want out of a toaster is integrated too. The shade selector lets you find the perfect browning for your favorite toast. Additionally, the toaster oven can toast up to six slices of bread at a time. Of course, there is one thing one would expect to find on any toaster-- oven or not--and yes, it is included here. Not to worry, it does indeed come with a removable crumb tray.