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Toast it flat

With the Bistro Flatbed Toaster, you can toast just about anything, no matter whether it fits in a normal toaster.

The Bistro Flatbed Toaster Bodum

Because the Bistro Flatbed Toaster, from Bodum, offers a hot, flat surface, it can do a lot more than your average toaster. You can use its heating surface to defrost, toast, and heat up your food. Pizza, tortillas, and hamburger buns all fit comfortably. Want to melt cheese on your bread as you toast it? The Bistro Flatbed Toaster can handle it, just as it can easily toast big rolls that won't fit in most toasters. The heating surface of the Bistro Flatbed Toaster is stainless steel.

The Bistro Flatbed Toaster is designed to fit in with any kitchen, as well as buffet stations. It's available in multiple colors, including black, red, gray, purple, and yellow. And, it can be stored on its side when you're not using it, freeing up extra counter space. You can control the level of browning with a dial that offers a variety of toasting settings. The Bistro Flatbed Toaster also has a crumb catcher that can be removed and emptied easily. It measures 14.5 inches by 10.25 inches by 3 inches. The Bistro Flatbed Toasters costs $99.95.