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Toast any type of bread

The Slotless Toaster lets you toast just about anything, including thick breads that you just can't find in a typical toaster.

The Slotless Toaster
Hammacher Schlemmer

I love toasted bagels, but my toaster didn't seem to enjoy them nearly as much. Almost every time I put a bagel into one of the toaster's slots, I'd wind up pulling it out of the toaster in pieces--even half a bagel was too much. The Slotless Toaster offers an alternative. Rather than struggling with thick slices of bread, you can simply place it right on top of the toaster. Texas toast, baguettes, bagels, and even croissants can be warmed and toasted without having to stick fingers or forks inside the toaster. You can even put together some bruschetta on the Slotless Toaster for a treat.

The Slotless Toaster can also be used to defrost bread. You can choose the level of heat with the toaster's dial, similarly to standard slotted toasters. The flatbed surface is heated by a 700-watt heating element that evenly toasts bread across the 10.25-inch-by-7-inch stainless steel surface. A crumb tray is mounted in the bottom of the toaster, keeping clean up to a minimum. The Slotless Toaster can be stored on its side when it's not in use, although I'd recommend emptying the crumb tray before doing so. The Slotless Toaster is available for $89.95.