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Time three dishes with your iPod...er...digital timer

Triple timer lets cooks time multiple dishes with three distinct alarms--and the interface might be familiar to iPod owners.

Williams-Sonoma triple timer

Digital timers can be invaluable to a cook, especially for slow-cooked food like stews or for roasting large portions of meat. But most of them can be used for only one dish, potentially problematic if you're working on a big meal with lots of individual parts.

This "triple timer" from Williams-Sonoma lets you set a timer for up to three dishes, which would be especially useful during the holidays when you might have a turkey in the oven, potatoes on the stove, and a rainbow-colored Jell-O marshmallow mold chilling in the fridge.

The timer is portable but comes with a countertop stand. The timers can count up or down, and each alarm has its own tone.

Williams-Sonoma says "the adjustable dial makes programming a snap." I wonder where they got that sleek design concept.

(Via Daring Fireball)