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Throw away your measuring spoons

Spice carousel measures your favorite spices automatically

Jennifer Lowell
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Jennifer Lowell

The spice carousel shown here is a way to put your cinnamon on the spin cycle. Sky Mall

For the chef who likes to keep their kitchen clean as they're cooking, traditional measuring spoons are a pain in the neck. Especially if you use them when you're baking, having to repeatedly wash your set of measuring spoons in between half teaspoons of baking soda, cinnamon, cumin, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper gets really annoying. I have the kind of measuring spoon with a slider that can be set to different increments, so I have to wash mine every time it's used while I'm cooking.

What's an elegant solution to this kind of water-wasting problem? Eliminate the middleman and measure the spice directly from the spice bottle. This automatic spice carousel does the trick by measuring spices in quarter teaspoon increments, plenty small enough for most cooking and baking jobs.

The spice carousel raises the convenience factor on your cooking, not only by eliminating the need for washing your spoons, but also by putting your spices within arm's reach. The spinning spice rack can be put inside a cabinet or mounted underneath one.

The fully stackable auto-measure spice rack by KitchenArt can be found in white on Sky Mall's Web site for $29.99.