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Three-deal Friday: Father's Day edition

Three sweet gift deals for Dad, including a laser tape-measure and camo-colored mobile charger.


Father's Day is coming up quick -- it's Sunday June 21 -- but you still have time to score Dad some great gifts. I've rounded up three deals I think would definitely appeal to the big guy, but if you need more ideas, check out our CNET Father's Day gift guides.

1. Click on, click off

Earlier this week I shared a bonus deal that proved very popular, and in fact sold out very quickly. Because many of you were bummed about missing out, I managed to put together a rerun (of sorts)!

As I said then: Who says home automation has to be complicated -- or expensive? For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon has the five-pack of Etekcity wireless remote-controlled AC outlets for $21.48 shipped. That's after applying coupon code DEALBEST at checkout.

Plug your lamps, appliances and whatnot into these outlets, then use either of the two included remotes to switch them on or off. User reviews are overwhelmingly positive, even from people who paid the regular $30 price.

2. Measure twice, cut once


Also from Etekcity, here's a gadget that has "Dad" written all over it: The Digital Laser Distance Measurer for $49.99 shipped when you apply coupon code LASERBLO.

This nifty digital tape-measure works at distances of up to 50 meters and can store up to 50 measurements. It can also solve for things like area, height and volume. Needless to say, every dad's toolbox needs one of these.

Only about a dozen buyers have reviewed it, but the average rating is an impressive 4.9 stars.

3. Camo charger

What with all those long days Dad spends moving, shaking, toiling, tilling and so on, his phone is probably going to need some extra juice. But a big, bulky mobile charger is impractical; he needs something slim and pocket-friendly.


Like this: Poweradd is offering the Pilot A1 2,500mAh mobile charger for $9.99 shipped (via Amazon Prime) when you apply coupon code PICJHOBO at checkout.

This nifty little pocket-square comes in five styles, and, admittedly, several of them are better suited to Mom. But mouse over the two camo options; they're a bit more manly.