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This underwater drone lures and photographs your pet fish

Aquarium fish finally get their own camera gadget with a submersible designed to attract their attention for photos and videos. What's selfies?

Submariner Camera
Here fishy fishy fish.

Humans take and upload endless photos of their felines to the Internet. Fish need love, too; it's just harder to capture a really great fish picture. Unless you have a Submariner Camera, a small remote-controlled submersible with a camera on board.

The remote control lets you take videos or just snapshots. It also lets you move the device up, down and around. Built-in headlights light up your aquarium for nighttime photography. The built-in memory totals 256MB, which is enough to hold about five minutes of video or 800 photos, though you won't exactly be getting James Cameron-level film quality.

The Submariner comes from CCP, a division of Bandai, a Japanese maker of toys and games that recently brought us a weird Darth Vader toothpick dispenser.

Most fish aren't going to be too interested in a mechanical interloper strolling around in their tank, and you don't want to just get a bunch of photos of fish butts as they swim away. Don't worry. The Submariner Camera has already solved that potential issue. It has a small arm that extends from the front and holds a capsule that can be filled with fish food. The fish swim toward the snacks and you get to snap their smiling faces.

The Submariner Camera is due out in late April for 9,980 yen, which works out to about $90, £64 or AU$120.

There's no word on availability outside of Japan. If you really want one, you might need to enlist a proxy service to help you with the purchase. Or you could get a waterproof case for your GoPro and handle your own fishy glamour photos. You just won't get the satisfaction of being a remote submarine captain.

(Via RocketNews24)