This smart desk has a built-in computer, scanner and wireless earbuds

Plus three touchscreen monitors, sit/stand motors, gesture control, wireless phone charging...

I know what you're going to say: $4,000 (around £3,000 or AU$5,400 converted) is a lot for a desk that isn't made of mahogany and didn't bear witness to the signing of a historic document.

But this isn't a desk like any you've ever seen. The CemTrex SmartDesk is a glass-topped Intel Core i7 computer. A computer with three 24-inch IPS monitors. Each of them a touchscreen. With gesture control. And a built-in wireless phone charger embedded in the desk. And a little pull-out drawer with wireless earbuds to take calls with the desk's built-in VoIP business phone.

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And -- get this -- a document scanner built into the glass surface, so you can literally just set down a piece of paper to make a copy.

GIF by Sean Hollister/CNET

Oh, and it's a motorized sit-stand desk, because you're clearly going to be spending an awful lot of time at this thing, and as Apple's Tim Cook once famously said, sitting is the new cancer.

This is the part where you might say (because I'm way too fond of these rhetorical devices) that it'll never get built -- this is just some wacky concept dreamed up for publicity. 

To which I say: We saw one. It works. (OK, the gesture controls were a bit buggy -- check out the video embedded in our post.) The company's already taking preorders, too.

But yes, $4,000 is a lot of money.

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