This rotating cat poop prison cleans up your kitty litter

For the cat who can't get its s*** together.

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Claire Reilly

The cat goes in...

Claire Reilly

Pets bring us such joy, but getting on your hands and knees to clean up your cat's poop is not exactly the highlight of pet ownership.

Can't someone make it easier?

Someone did.

More specifically, someone built a rotating cat toilet/washing machine/kitty litter tray to deal with your animal's mess. It's the ideal solution for pet owners who want to keep their kitty litter tidy and for cats who have spent too long doing their business out in the open like they run the place.

With the press of a button, a scoop inside the kitty-litter hole rotates around and collects all the unmentionables that have accumulated in your cat's poop prison. The scoop can then easily be removed to dispose of the litter.

Sensors on the front of the machine can detect your cat approaching and switch off the rotating mechanism to keep Felix safe. And lights on the front will flash because clearly you've bought this thing and you're that type of person.

On show at Computex in Taipei, this is the kind of Grade-A weird and wonderful tech that's on offer when you step out of the main halls and away from the high-tech laptops and gaming rigs.

This is a piece of tech for cats who want to do as nature intended: Hide their poop in a rotating LED cat washing machine. 

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