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This coffee mug stirs itself

The Self-Stirring Mug from Think Geek incorporates a mechanism to blend your morning beverage at the press of a button.

No stir stick needed.
Think Geek

After all the shopping and cooking and traveling, the end of the year can be a real time crunch, and it's easy to overlook the little day-to-day things we regularly attend to without a second thought. Thankfully, when it comes to the most basic consumables of our daily lives (coffee), there is a product designed to help those of us who need to save every minute (or are incredibly absent-minded).

The Self-Stirring Mug from Think Geek can help us shave precious seconds off of our daily routine. Powered by two AAA batteries installed in the base, the mug accomplishes this amazing time-saving trick with the press of a button. A fast-moving motor installed in the base spins a small mechanism, creating a whirlwind of your favorite beverage. No matter how you dress up your coffee, this fun little gadget will give you the time (not to mention the caffeine boost) to get through your day--or at least save you from using up a stir stick.