The world's most annoying teddy bear is just begging to be destroyed

This incredibly grating teddy bear plays "Happy Birthday" on repeat until either the battery dies or, more likely, the recipient destroys the bear for good.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico
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Attention, pranksters. The most annoying present ever has been created, and if you actually send this teddy bear to someone as a gift, they'll probably never talk to you again.

Meet the teddy bear that never stops singing, a new Kickstarter project by Cornelius Wilson and his 8-year-old daughter Mikayla, who is sick and tired of receiving teddy bears as gifts from family and friends. So the father-daughter duo teamed up to create the most annoying teddy bear ever, one that plays either the "Happy Birthday" or "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" song over and over and over until the battery runs out after a few hours or the bear is destroyed.

Personally, I'd either go to town on the bear with a baseball bat like the guys from "Office Space" do to an annoying printer or toss the bear into the fireplace and watch it burn. But really, you can destroy it any way you want, because anything is better than letting the bear play one of those songs ad nauseam.

The concept is similar to the Joker Greeting cards CNET wrote about in April, but in teddy bear form. You know, in case the card thing is too inconspicuous for the person you're buying a gift for. The teddy bear Kickstarter also includes a greeting card version called a Jester Card, though Wilson tells CNET's Crave blog he's considering scrapping the card and focusing his efforts on the bear.

Those of you who think this is a great idea can purchase a bear on Kickstarter starting at $10 (about £6.50, AU$14), plus $6 for shipping to the US and $13 (£8, AU$18) to the UK, Australia and anywhere else in the world.

If the Kickstarter is successful and doesn't hit any snags on the manufacturing end, the bears will start shipping to backers in November 2016. The project's already raised more than $2,000 (about £750, AU$1,600) toward a modest $7,500 (about £4,900, AU$10,500) goal.

If you have a little over three hours to kill, you can listen to a prototype bear play "Happy Birthday" over and over and over and over in the lengthy video below.