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The short stack gets automated

Automatic pancake maker can churn out a fluffy flapjack in 30 seconds

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For the chef planning on feeding a big breakfast crowd, the ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine is a lifesaver.

The automated flapjack maker is able to produce a pancake every 30 seconds, stacking them in a neat little pile on the side while you spend your time frying eggs and sausage. And you needn't worry about preparing the batter either, as the machine is designed to use ready-made batter pouches.

Understandably, this type of machine lends itself well to larger crowds, as in cafeterias and convenience stores. Taking up about as much real estate as a microwave, it provides a more economical and space-efficient solution to providing pancakes for larger venues than a full-sized griddle. That being said, it's most likely a bit too specialized for you to rationalize keeping one on your kitchen countertop. In any case, the machine is technically designed for use in commercial applications anyway.

The Chefstack is shipping at the end of September of this year. You can preorder one and read more about its features on ChefStack's Web site.