The right peeler for each job

Different types of peelers do different things, but the Twist & Peel Dual Peelers ensure that you'll always have the right peeler for the job.

Thursday Bram
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Thursday Bram
The Twist & Peel Dual Peelers
The Twist & Peel Dual Peelers Sur la table

Your everyday vegetable peeler will always make a mess out of soft fruits and vegetables, but a peeler made for more-precise work--like peeling a peach--will take forever on a job like peeling a potato. It's important to have the right tool for the job, and that means having a variety of different peelers. You don't have to completely fill a kitchen drawer with utensils, though. The Twist & Peel Dual Peelers, from Kuhn Rikon, provide you with four different peeling options. Each set includes a green and an orange peeler.

The Twist & Peel Dual Peelers have two blades on each peeler. To use each blade, turn the top section of the durable polypropylene handle to cover the blade not in use. This way, your hands will be protected from the carbon steel blades. The orange peeler has a serrated blade for removing the skins from soft vegetables or fruits, such as tomatoes or plums. It also has a julienne blade to create small strips perfect for salads. The Green peeler has a straight blade for handling tougher peeling jobs, like potatoes. It also has a julienne blade, although it is wider and creates thicker strips. The Twist & Peel Dual Peelers are $15.