The magic of multitouch

Concept kitchen by Miele uses multitouch technology and other cool features to create a truly high-tech cooking experience

Jennifer Lowell
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Jennifer Lowell
The Miele concept multitouch kitchen makes a perfect sous chef. Yanko Design

On the kitchen appliance and gadget blog network, we talk about devices that keep track of grocery lists, high-tech food scales, and steamers, but rarely do we find a kitchen that includes all of these in one package. Meet the concept kitchen from Miele designed by Fiona McAndrew & Conor Fallon, which uses a technology called multitouch to stay ahead of the culinary game and make kitchen prep a whole lot easier.

The multitouch cooktop displays recipes and nutritional information and can transmit a grocery list via Bluetooth to a mobile phone. It includes an integrated scale, so you can measure your food right on the cooking surface. How cool is that? It also has a blender integrated into the cooking surface, eliminating the need for much of the counter space outside of the cooktop.

A fun feature outside of the cooking surface is the integrated steamer: A perforated metal tray can be fitted with individual portion-size cups. The tray slides into the steamer when it's in use and, apparently, it's also great for sanitizing baby bottles.

Yanko Design

With Bluetooth connectivity, touch-controlled cooktops, and multifunctional cooking surfaces, the elbow grease-fueled chef is continuously moving farther and farther into the past. Now all I need is something that will shop for my groceries and do the dishes.