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Made measuring food storage containers bring more to the table

The Made features a lid that doubles as an integrated measuring cup. Designed for dry goods, this Kickstarter project hopes to shake up food storage.

Designed for coffee, beans, rice or other similar dry goods, the Made food storage containers have a measuring system built into the lid.
Designed for coffee, beans, rice, or other similar dry goods, the Made food storage containers have a measuring system built into their lid. Kickstarter

Kitchen storage containers are a way of life. Never mind that what goes inside of them -- food -- is essential to living; it's the stuff on the outside that keeps it all together. Time after time, meal after meal, ingredients are reached for without a second thought. We pour and shake while paying no concern to the container -- which oftentimes is still the original packaging from the store.

The Made food storage containers hope to change the way people view their pantry. Instead of just seeing food in packaging designed for transport and sales, the Made Kickstarter project sees food storage containers as something that can bring more to the table by taking food storage from a static to a dynamic level.

Designed for dry goods, the Made containers combine a measuring cup with food storage. Incorporated into the lid of each cylinder are graduated markings to help determine how much food to pour. A two stage system keeps the measuring consistent. Twist the lid to allow food into the measuring lid and then twist again to close. What's left is the amount desired.

Featuring color bands for easy identification, the handsome and useful storage containers look to be an everyday item overlooked no more. They have a footprint about the size of a coffee cup and a height of almost 10 inches, each one capable of storing up to 4.5 cups. Campaign backers can reserve a seat at the table at levels starting at $20.