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The little fridge that could

The Sunpentown 3.2-cubic-foot Compact Double Door Refrigerator/Freezer offers all the convenience a second appliance should.

It's for more than just beer.

Having a second appliance on hand can be a real time saver. Just consider how useful--and almost mandatory--the microwave or toaster oven has become when trying to prepare full-fledged family meals. Even dedicated appliances like rice cookers and panini presses come in handy all the time. However convenient as all these appliances may be, food--cooked or not--needs a place to be stored. For that task the only thing better than one refrigerator is two.

The Sunpentown 3.2-cubic-foot Compact Double Door Refrigerator/Freezer (model RF-321S) is more than just a common second appliance. Measuring less than 3 feet tall, the diminutive appliance mimics its larger cousins by incorporating a freezer on top of a refrigerator. Comparably sized appliances often only do half the job, chilling beer in the back room, or freezing bulk-purchased items in the garage.

With a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet, the little fridge that could offers much more than a space to store beer. Great for a dorm room (no beer storing, of course), office, or garage, the freezer/refrigerator combination makes perfect sense--without taking up a lot of space. With three shelves and door compartments to boot, this second fridge can help keep you fully stocked.