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The key to being a bottleless bartender

Beverage dispensing system lets you mix drinks with five kinds of liquids from one spout.

Pictured is the countertop interface of the Super SideBar. The bottles are attached to tubes below. SideBar Beverage

Who says you have to go to a bar to experience mixed drinks that come from a spout? Meet the Super SideBar, a countertop gadget that allows you to make drinks from up to five kinds of liquor without ever having to handle a bottle.

The visible part of the SideBar consists of a row of five buttons attached to a spout. This user interface sits on top of your counter, ready for you to dispense drinks. The bottles can be stored up to 10 feet away, under the counter, under your picnic table, or around the corner. The buttons can also be programmed to automatically dispense the amount of alcohol that you need, so that your proportions will always be delicious, and can vary from button to button (in other words, one button can be set to 1 oz, while another can be set to dispense as long as you hold it).

Worried that your rum will taste like vodka? Not so, due to the patented five-hose design inside the spout. Since it uses separate tubes, you never have to worry about intermixing liquids. Want to take the party outside and away from outlets? No problem: the Super SideBar runs on 110 V AC power or 12 V DC. Scared of your children dispensing drinks from the spout while you're away? Not to worry, since it can be locked with an optional keyed switch.

The Super SideBar is available online for $499 to $579 in white or black with white, black, brass, or chrome spouts. It comes completely assembled, so installation is a snap. And since it's appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, you don't have to worry about it losing its charm once the weather cools off.