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The golden wave of storage

How to make an external hard drive look sexy? LaCie's trick is to whack on a layer of gold.

Ride the golden waveto sexy storage.

Is there anything sexier than an external hard drive? Well ... everything? And that's the problem.

Storage peripherals for the PC don't exactly inspire the pants-wetting excitement experienced by mobile phone lovers or iPod fans. So how does a manufacturer create desire for what is a pretty dull device? For LaCie, the trick is to make the top surface resemble a choppy ocean and whack a layer of gold* on top.

The company's Golden Disk 500GB USB drive offers a "daring uniqueness" according to the LaCie marketing guff, and brings "a liquid-motion look to your digital life".

The aesthetics are certainly striking, and also open to interpretation. Our take is that the T-1000 has gotten stuck in the process of assuming the form of a standard external hard drive.

As for the specs, you're looking at a USB 2.0 interface, fan-free operation, PC and Mac compatibility and bundled backup software.

The Golden Disk will set you back AU$269.

*An asterisk on LaCie's Web site informs visitors that the device's coating "contains only a small percentage of gold metal content". So don't go trying to melt it off and flog it on eBay.