The Crave Podcast homepage is live...

The Crave podcast is now live, with its own spiffy new home page. You can now access all our previous podcasts from the archive, as well as find links to products mentioned in the story...

Michael Parsons

Ah, podcasting. Flash-in-the pan Internet craze, or the future of online info-love? You can make your own mind up by listening to the latest podcast right here at Crave.

You'll find the latest podcast, with all the hot news from Europe's biggest technology show, CeBIT in Hanover, at the new Crave podcast home page.

Let Guy Cocker, Rory Reid, Chris Stevens, Andrew Lim and secret agent Rupert Goodwins (ZDNet UK covert ops) give you the lowdown on high tech.

You'll also find an archive containing our previous podcasts, as well as links to some of the products and technologies mentioned in the latest podcast.

What's the Crave Podcast all about? We like to think of ourselves as the lollipop ladies of the gadget world, helping you cross the dangerous infobahn of modern technology without getting run over. At least that's what we think after a few drinks.

But don't take our word for our it -- check out the verbals by downloading the latest Crave Podcast today, then send us a quick email with your thoughts. We're looking for comments, suggestions and colourful invective, and you can send it to podcast@cnet.co.uk.

Remember: the Crave Podcast -- for your ears only.