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Aftershock's Titan is a laptop with desktop parts

The Singaporean PC-maker this week released the Titan, which looks to be one of the most powerful laptops to hit the market yet.

The Aftershock Titan's name is no exaggeration. In fact, with specs that outstrip most desktop computers, it's shaping up to be one of the most beastly gaming laptops ever made.

The Titan more than lives up to its name.


Built by Singapore-based gaming PC maker Aftershock, the Titan costs S$4,500, which roughly converts to US$3,185, AU$4,430 or £2,115. It's available now and is essentially a full-fledged high-spec gaming desktop crammed into the shape of a laptop.

Tucked inside its hefty 5-kilogram (11-pound) frame are powerful desktop components like a Nvidia GTX980 graphics card with 8GB of video RAM and an Intel Skylake i7 CPU. Aftershock says that both the CPU and GPU on the Titan can be overclocked to surpass the performance of most gaming desktops.

Other specifications include a 17.3-inch full-HD IPS Display with Nvidia G-Sync, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD/HDD combo drive and an array of Sound Blaster audio tech.

While some gaming laptop manufacturers have sought to combine a slim-and-light MacBook aesthetic with graphical power, as Razer did with its Blade series, the Titan represents the other end of the spectrum. This gaming laptop may not be as pretty, but it makes up for its looks with serious performance.

The unfortunate side effect that usually comes with fitting desktop-grade components in a laptop is heat. Aftershock, however, says it has used highly effective fans and custom heat-sinks to ensure that the Titan runs cool at all times.

"We use two fans for the graphics card alone, this allows for overclocking beyond anything a laptop has ever done before," Joe Wee, Aftershock's creative director, told CNET.

The Titan can pump out more than 80 frames per second when running games like Fallout 4 and Evolve on their Ultra settings, the company claims. In a 3DMark test, the Titan clocked in with a score of 13,047, beating the 12,590 score that a similarly configured desktop gets. The 3DMark score ranks a machine's ability to handle heavy graphical tasks like gaming.

The laptop is currently on sale in Singapore and ships globally.