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Tetris-inspired dishware brings the game to dinner

These delicious dishes were inspired by Tetris, the video game responsible for more missed college assignments than you'd think.

Does the high score win you a better dessert? Studio Dotdotdot

Remember back when you started college, and you dropped about $2K on a Mac LCII with 2MB of RAM? But even more exciting than the early versions of Word Perfect was using a floppy disk to install Tetris on the machine. My personal favorite was Rude Tetris, a version of the game that made fun of every move made. I remember playing a lot of Tetris freshman year; I used to see those little shapes falling when I closed my eyes at night.

The fantastic Tetrish serving dishes celebrate the glory days of my youth. Or, at least, look totally cool on the tray. Seungyoub Oh, design director of Studio Dotdotdot, was inspired to create the pieces after nurturing a 20-year grudge at losing his title as Tetris master to a cousin one Christmas. Unfortunately, the pieces aren't yet available for purchase, but Oh promises they will be soon.