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Team GB Olympic kit sports Adidas miCoach sensors

Stella McCartney's kit for the British Olympic team has been unveiled, complete with sensors that monitor your performance.

Stella McCartney's new kit for the British Olympic team includes a sports bra with sensors that monitor your performance.

The Adidas Tennis Performance Bra is made of fancy Climalite fabric that draws sweat away from your body as you exercise, and has two miCoach heart sensors built in to the front. The sensors measure your heart rate and zaps data to the Adidas miCoach app, recording the effort you're putting in and the number of calories you're burning. Mmm, calories. Tasty, tasty calories.

Fashion designer and Beatle bassist bambino Stella McCartney designed the red, white and blue Adidas kit that'll be worn by our Olympic hopefuls when the Games commence in East London this summer. We're not sure why there's an X-Men-style rubber girdle thingy on some of them, but then we don't know that much about fashion. Or exercise, come to that.

Sport isn't just about jumpers for goalposts and jogging round the park any more: it's all about data these days. Premier League outfit Tottenham Hotspur recently signed a £50m kit deal with US kit company Under Armour for shirts that measure a player's work rate in real time. The high-tech E39 shirts are designed to beam biometric data to broadcasters, so you can see how tired or stressed a player is as you watch the match on telly.

If you're inspired by the Olympic hopefuls, the Adidas Performance Bra and other Team GB replica kit is available to buy now. For more high-tech health, check out our guide to the best fitness gadgets.

Do you use gadgets to get fit? What apps or gadgets have had the biggest impact on your workout? And what do you think of the Team GB kit? On your marks, get set, go to the comments or our Facebook page.