Taylor Swift teases her special edition Instax camera in three videos

It's so gorgeous.

Katie Collins Senior European Correspondent
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Katie Collins
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Queen of instant film Taylor Swift teased her upcoming Instax camera in three videos on Wednesday.

Fujifilm initially announced the Instax square SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition in May, promising a fall release for the camera. Using her top pop bop Gorgeous as the soundtrack, the star showed off the camera in a promotional video, which saw her browsing through a pile of photos and capturing memories during her current sellout reputation stadium tour. 

Two additional clips gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the video shoot and a short interview about working with the Fujifilm team to create the camera. The videos were shot in Chicago and recreated scenes from the Reputation tour using actors.

"It's got a signature on it, it's got selfie mode, it's got double exposure, it's got all kinds of things you can play around with," said Swift introducing the camera in one of the videos. "I think there's something cool about having a photo you can tangibly hold in your hands right after you took it." 

She described how when she is on tour she likes to stick photos in her diary to remember things and write on them and give them to people. "It's kind of a really nice momento from good times," she said.

A special exhibition of Swift's Instax photos will also be on display in Tokyo in October, according to the singer's Instax microsite.

The camera is available to pre-order now for $180, with special edition Instax film available for an additional $13. The bad news? You'll have to wait until October to get you hands on it, which should only help build anticipation for the product -- as Taylor well knows, there's nothing you hate more than what you can't have...