Tackle a missing Chinese word list update from Apple

While not a standard update that is readily available, Apple has issued a small update to its Chinese input methods that may be relevant to some.

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Topher Kessler
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Recently a number of OS X users who use Chinese input options in OS X have noticed an update to Apple's Chinese word list dictionary; however, for some reason this list has not been made available to everyone.

The update seems to be spurred by the use of some third-party software packages; however, it is not listed as a standard available update by Apple.

MacFixIt reader Sanchai recently wrote in regarding this issue:

"I'm running Mountain Lion and found that on my friend's machine, Chinese Word list update had been updated to version 1.1 on October 5, 2012. my system still has version 1.0. Trying software update yields no updates available. The update file is chinesewordupdate.pkg and it is a 17KB file. I can get version 1.0 but not version 1.1. Can you please advise how can I force Mountain Lion 10.8.2 to update this component, or how to do a manual install?"

Because this is not a standard update, upon contacting Apple's support team, users are getting responses that no such updates are available. However, this is not the case and the update was indeed released and propagated to Apple's update servers on October 5. Unfortunately, since it is a minor and conditional update it is not being made explicitly available through Apple's Software Update service, but if needed you can download it from Apple's software update servers using these direct links:

Chinese Word List Update Version 1.0

Chinese Word List Update Version 1.1

The update simply applies a new version of Apple's Han Chinese input methods, and being a small 17KB update it likely does not change much, but may be relevant adjustments for a few people out there. As always, if you choose to update your system manually, be sure to first back it up using Time Machine or another full and restorable system backup option.

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