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Tableware that's fair

The Olive Wood Salad Serving Set from Gifts With Humanity, along with its other products, are Fair Trade.

You can get Fair Trade coffee, chocolate and--now--tableware. Gifts With Humanity sells a variety of Fair Trade handicrafts, including items like the Olive Wood Salad Serving Set. The salad servers come from Kenyan crafters, who carve both the wooden spoon and fork as well as adding intricate designs on cow bone for the handles. Each design is created by melting wax onto the white bone, which is then dipped in a dark dye. The designs on individual sets of these salad servers vary, but each set measures 11 inches long. The can be safely used with food, although they should be washed by hand. The salad serving set is priced at $24.95.

In addition to the Olive Wood Salad Serving Set, Gifts With Humanity offers salad servers made from other types of wood and in other designs. The company also offers a wide variety of tableware, such as napkin rings, which have all been certified as Fair Trade. The Fair Trade certification guarantees the craftsmen who created these unique pieces receive a fair wage for their work, as well as a broader partnership dedicated to improving the craftsmen's ability to earn money. The tableware comes primarily from African workers.