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Synchrotech CFMulti: Eye-Fi Wi-Fi for dSLRs

The Eye-Fi wireless SD card takes on a new dimension when paired with the Synchrotech CFMult adaptor, which brings the Wi-Fi goodness to your dSLR

We love the sound of Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD cards, and we can't wait for them to cross the pond. From a pretty tasty premise -- an SD card that gives your camera Wi-Fi access -- the Eye-Fi has kept getting better with ever-faster write speeds, new upload options including Flickr, and the addition of a geotagging tool. Now we've learnt of the Synchrotech CFMulti CompactFlash Type II to Eye-Fi Multi-Card Adaptor, which does what it says on the tin: slot your Eye-Fi into the CompactFlash-shaped adaptor and stick it in your CF slot. Hey-presto: your dSLR is now wireless!

High performance CF cards will almost always outpace cheaper SD and MMC cards, but in these credit-crunching times a penny saved is a penny earned. Tell that to currently not-doing-so-well SanDisk, presently locked in a handbags-at-ten-paces takeover bid from Samsung.

Even if you're not after wireless access, the CFMulti works as a straight adaptor for sticking SD into dSLRs. With SDHC cards currently holding way more than CF, you have the option to use one card rather than several -- that is, of course, if you're comfortable with all your eggs in one basket. Still, at least you have greater flexibility to swap cards between cameras.

It should be noted that Eye-Fi itself doesn't endorse the $28 (£17) adaptor. The company points out that wireless range will be truncated, formatting is a bad idea, and a couple of Canon dSLRs won't have it at all. Still, it definitely scores pretty high in geek points. -Rich Trenholm