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Sushi made simple

While there are many sushi-making kits on the market, the Sushi Magic Kit provides one of the simplest sushi-rolling kits.

The Sushi Magic Kit
Sushi Magic

I love sushi, but my wallet isn't so fond of it, which lead me to explore making my own at home. However, many of the kits out there aren't particularly easy to use, leaving you to figure out many of the steps on your own. The Sushi Magic Kit, however, focuses on making the process very easy. Not only does it include the tools to roll sushi rolls, but it also includes a rice press mold so that you can make nigiri as well. The directions cover every step and have photographs so that you know what your sushi should look like at each step, even down to how to make the rice and slice the other ingredients. The Sushi Magic Web site even provides video tutorials if you need a little extra help.

The Sushi Magic Kit also simplifies clean up. Rather than the traditional mat used for sushi molls, it comes with a silicone mat that does not need to be cleaned in between individual rolls--and it can be cleaned up without any extra effort. The kit starts with teaching you how to make California rolls, but provides you with the tools necessary to make a wide variety of different sushi. The Sushi Magic Kit is priced at $29.95.