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Surprise your southern friends with sweet tea

Authentic Southern Sweet Tea machine makes 2 quarts of sweet tea in 10 minutes

Hammacher Schlemmer
I grew up in the middle of the country, and so it wasn't until I moved to New York that I got to partake in the flavors that are most often found in coastal cities. After moving to the city, I found a new appreciation for seafood, pizza, and cheesecake.

One part of the country whose local fare I rarely have a chance to enjoy is the south. As it turns out, people in the northeast don't eat sweet potato pie and host crawfish boils, and if they do, they're usually lacking in authenticity. Thankfully, there's an invention that allows even big city dwellers to enjoy a southern staple: sweet tea.

This Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer by Hammacher Schlemmer makes 2 quarts of the refreshing brew at a time, using any tea bags you have on hand. It brews the bags at a perfect 204-degree temperature, drawing out the best flavor, and it adds sugar while the water is hot so that it dissolves and sweetens your tea evenly. If you like your tea a little bit on the strong side, the brewer even has a dial that allows you to adjust the strength.

What's nice about the sweet tea machine is that it fits into your kitchen without taking up too much space. If you think about your appliances in terms of seasons, you can rotate your coffee pot in for the cold months and switch it out for the iced tea brewer when the months get sticky hot and muggy. It also comes fully accessorized, with a 2.5 quart pitcher and a removable stainless steel filter.

The Authentic Southern Sweet Tea Brewer is available for $49.95 on Hammacher Schlemmer's Web site.