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Strawberry slicer does what it promises

Need a specific gadget for every kitchen task? Do you have a strawberry slicer? What are you waiting for?

Berry sweet! Amazon

It's the little things that matter most, like strawberry toppings on cheesecakes, desserts, and puddings; the taste of summer; the kids, gorging themselves on delectably cut strawberry pieces. Sure, you can slice the strawberries with your knife the old-fashioned way, but where's the fun in that? Plus, you'll maybe nick your fingers in the process, and risk ending up with a lot of mush.

Or, you can try out the strawberry slicer from MSC International, which can cut the fruit into eight perfect and even pieces in one go. You get mess-free, superfast slicing, with a simple downward motion, plus a fun, red, strawberry-shaped slicer to brighten your kitchen, all for less than $5.

This product is 3.72 inches long by 2.27 inches wide--so pretty small!--and is perfect for those who want a specific gadget for every little chore in the kitchen. Just remember to rinse the stainless-steel blades soon after use, because they are difficult to clean after the strawberry juice dries.