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Stir up some tunes in the kitchen

The iHome iP39 Kitchen Alarm Clock Radio System for iPhone-iPod provides an easy way to get tunes in the kitchen. Designed with cooking in mind, it lets you follow along with recipes or cooking shows.

Sing out loud while cooking with the iHome iP39.
Sing out loud while cooking with the iHome iP39.
Bed Bath & Beyond

The kitchen is one room not to take lightly. You spend considerable time, effort, and money shopping for appropriate major appliances that are just right. You consider every conceivable variable when shopping for refrigerators and cooking appliances, from shape to the color of the trim. However, all this attention to detail is often confined just for the big stuff; when it comes down to it, the time spent in the kitchen is made more enjoyable, not necessarily with the major appliances, but by the ones that are off to the side.

Perhaps the most important accessory for any kitchen is one that is not even one that can be touched; no matter what you're cooking up, there is no doubt it could be made better with music. The iHome iP39 Kitchen Alarm Clock Radio System for iPhone/iPod completes the kitchen experience by offering an easy way to listen to your tunes.

As with all combination appliances, there seems to be some give and take when trying to outfit the kitchen. It may not be able to match the sound of the stereo in the living room, but with two independent kitchen timers, an easy-to-clean surface, and a retractable dock, the iHome might be just the thing for completing the look and sound of your kitchen.