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Steep tea leaves in sight

The Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot offers an opportunity to keep a close eye on tea as it steeps, getting it to just the right strength.

The Bonjour Zen Teapot

Making tea of an appropriate strength requires keeping an eye on the color, but that's tough to do on the inside of a dark tea pot. With the Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot, you don't need X-ray specs to see how strong your tea is. In addition to offering a clear view, the teapot has an elegant design. The pot itself is hand-blown glass, with a bamboo handle that adds a note of tradition. The teapot also comes with an elevated bamboo base, as well as a bamboo tea scoop. To steep tea leaves, place them inside the removable infuser, which is made from stainless steel micromesh. The entire appearance of the teapot creates a sense of Zen, offering a nod to traditional tea services while still appealing to a modern aesthetic. Even without tea inside, the Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot can create a certain style just sitting on a counter.

The Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot is sizable, measuring 8.2 inches by 6 inches by 8.5 inches and holds enough tea for you and a guest. The teapot should not be placed in the dishwasher; instead, the pot should be washed by hand and, if necessary, the base should simply be wiped down. The Bonjour Zen Glass Teapot is available for $49.99.