Stainless steel LG dishwasher uses steam to clean the dishes

LG Kitchen Series 24-inch dishwasher offers sleek stainless steel exterior and SteamDelicate technology.

Brian Krepshaw
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Brian Krepshaw
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LG Kitchen Series 24" tall tub built-in dishwasher--stainless steel Best Buy via LG

This stylish LG Kitchen Series dishwasher incorporates a hidden control panel into the top of the door edge, giving it a sleek look. The uncluttered flush front design blends in among kitchen cabinetry. The stainless steel exterior adds a classic sophistication to the kitchen, while the spacious tall tub interior offers a high degree of wash flexibility.

The large capacity tub features three separate racks along with adjustable tines in the bottom rack that allow for the ability to adjust for a large variety of shapes and sizes. Integrated along with the variable racks are three detachable cutlery baskets, which feature convenient and secure storage for stemware or other specialty shaped pieces.

The SenseClean wash system utilizes three wash arms for cleaning on all three racks. The water spray intensity is adjustable for cleaning of light to heavy loads. This higher end dishwasher includes six different wash cycles, including SteamDelicate, power scrub, normal, quick wash, rinse only and soak. Of particular interest is the steam setting which uses less water while gently cleaning the dish load. Stainless steel blades chop leftover food soils into small particles allowing for them to be easily washed away. The filter is self-cleaning and keeps detritus from recycling among dishes.

User reviews at Consumer Reports, (subscription required) show that many users feel that despite the number of wash options, the dishwasher simply does not have a strong enough cleaning capability. Other negative comments describe poor customer service from LG. Positive remarks do include an appreciation for the multiple settings and the overall quiet operation. Consumer Reports testers gave the dishwasher an overall score of 79 out of 100, with the highest-rated model garnering 83 points.