Stack and grind your spices

The Stackable Spice Grinders feature a fun design. Featuring an adjustable grinding mechanism, the grinders make it OK to play with your food.

Spices stack for easy storage.
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A certain brand of building blocks has inspired generations of children to explore the possibilities of creativity. Those brightly colored plastic pieces that have been transformed into everything from landscapes to moonscapes click together with an ease of use that encourages fantastic results. Creating combinations in the kitchen might not be as easy as building, say, a five-story Lego pirate fort being attacked by space aliens, but that doesn't mean it can't be just as fun.

The Stackable Spice Grinders won't turn your budding architect into the next Frank Lloyd Wright, but the next Mario Batali? Maybe. The fun kitchen essentials feature a stackable design that allows the "blocks" to be stored one on top of the other. Available in white, black, red, and green, the grinders can be used for salt, pepper, spices, or even herbs.

Just like normal, nonfun spice grinders, these little gadgets feature an adjustable grinding mechanism. From course to fine, the building blocks of your meal are never more than a twist away. Given that the blocks only stack up and not side-to-side, these won't be replacing the more famous building block set anytime soon. However, just remember: like building blocks, it's not the blocks themselves that matter, but what comes out of them that counts.