Squeeze-Me juicer: Stress relief for cooks

The Squeeze-Me juicer makes you do the squeezing, while it filters seeds.

Michelle Thatcher Former Senior Associate Editor, Laptops
Tech expert Michelle Thatcher grew up surrounded by gadgets and sustained by Tex-Mex cuisine. Life in two major cities--first Chicago, then San Francisco--broadened her culinary horizons beyond meat and cheese, and she's since enjoyed nearly a decade of wining, dining, and cooking up and down the California coast. Though her gadget lust remains, the practicalities of her small kitchen dictate that single-function geegaws never stay around for long.
Michelle Thatcher

Squeeze Me Juicer

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I'm slightly obsessed with finding the perfect method for extracting juice from citrus. So I was excited to see the Squeeze-Me lemon juicer as I was browsing the Mighty Haus shopping blog.

The device bears a disconcerting resemblance to a nasal aspirator, but it actually consists of two pieces. Drop a half-lemon into the bulb, reattach the tip, and give the lemon a good squeeze. The Squeeze-Me catches seeds so you're free to sprinkle lemon juice on your food with abandon.

My enthusiasm waned, though, when I saw the price: The Squeeze-Me costs $27, and still you're squeezing the citrus by hand. Maybe that would be good for stress relief, but it's not so great for those of us whose repetitive stress injuries have already ruined their grip strength.

Besides, you can save $14 by buying a lever-based citrus juicer, which performs the same function as the Squeeze-Me but gives you some mechanical help. Or, if you prefer a full hand workout, save $19 and get this simple silicone squeezer, which is pretty much the same as the Squeeze-Me.

You could also save $27 and just use a fork like you would a reamer, though that's not nearly as fun as owning a dedicated juicing gadget.