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Spice up mealtime with a musical dinner table

Marimba by day, dinner table by night. Turn everyday meals into musical masterpieces with this concept in dining.

Marimba dining table. designboom

No bachelor pad is complete without a few well-known essential items: music, drink, and mood. But times have moved beyond exotic tunes warming up the hi-fi set, olive adorned martini glasses, and romantic mood lighting. The modern swank setup needs something a little extra to impress today's discerning women.

Instead of laying down the tunes with Arthur Lyman's Taboo, why not spice up and vibe the night with this marimba table? Yes, marimba table. Dinner and a show. You're sure to impress your date with this table that doubles as a musical instrument.

It's a concept piece, but one that's not too far off. I have an electric piano in my house. I can tell you from experience that it also makes a great table. It's not so great as a piano, but it's a great table. Which is why I am even more excited about a dining room table that also plays tunes. Once dinner is done and the dishes removed, its true purpose--to entertain with music--is revealed. The same cannot be said about my electric piano, stuff gets put on top and it sort of just stays there...of course, my actual dining room table is covered with stuff too.