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Spending the weekend with Zuvo

The Zuvo Water Purator uses ultraviolet light and carbon filtration to create a safe and great-tasting glass of water straight from the tap.

The Zuvo Water Purator in action.

I like water; I like it a lot. When offered the choice between Coke or Pepsi, I usually just say water. When right, it's crisp and clean and truly refreshing. A lot of people must feel the same as I do; the amount of easily accessible home water filters is evidence enough of that. And it should be that way; it is the stuff we are made of, after all.

I jumped at the chance when presented with the opportunity to test out the Zuvo Water Purator. It can be installed either above or below the counter, and I opted for the above-the-counter model. The unit was easy to install; I had it ready to go within moments. It attaches straight to the faucet much the way other filter systems do. The appliance is not small; it is more than a foot tall and a few inches wide. The first thought I had was what the heck is going on in all that space?

The first run made it clear. Pulling out a little knob on the faucet assembly diverts water through the system. A pleasant "whooshing" sound immediately drew my attention. Then there was light. The unit looks like a brushed aluminum cylinder with sci-fi trappings, but when activated, the ultraviolet light betrays the inner workings and shines through the surface. A rush of bubbles percolates upward and fresh filtered water is delivered right to the tap. After turning off the faucet, a few seconds go by and the light goes off. The water was indeed delicious, and the look fantastic, but what exactly was going on in there?

Ozone is created by exposing oxygen to the broad spectrum ultraviolet light. The ozone, which is an eager oxidizer, is mixed with tap water, damaging microorganisms in the process. The mixture, still exposed to the ultraviolet light, further disinfects the water by literally damaging the DNA of microorganisms. Particulate matter, such as lead, is then removed via a carbon filter (reconverting the ozone back to oxygen in the process), and finally for good measure, the water is again exposed to the ultraviolet light. Pretty cool stuff, and all based upon well-known principles.

It's no great secret that bottled water is a drag on the environment. However, there is clearly a need for easily accessible and safe drinking water. Mimicking (and adding to) techniques used by commercial bottlers, the Zuvo Water Purator is like having your own bottling plant right at the faucet. The unit looks cool and delivers not only a great glass of water, but one that you can feel good about drinking too.