Space Bubble Episode 4: Fear of tech

This week we explore the human instinct to fear technological change, take a look at the history of racing videogames, and blow a high-def video player into a million plastic shards...

Chris Stevens

Greetings Mekons! In episode 4 of Space Bubble we're asking why new technology drives us mad with paranoia. The BBC show Panorama says we should cover our bedrooms in tin foil, but Space Bubble burrows deep down to uncover the gritty truth behind Wi-Fi radiation.

We're also taking a reckless drive back to the past, with a brief history of racing videogames. You'll also get to watch us blow the LG Super Multi Blue hybrid HD player into a million bits of overpriced plastic. Click to watch the video, or subscribe via iTunes by searching for 'Space Bubble'. -Chris Stevens