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Sony teases new laptop in online video

Vaio is adding another new hybrid design, if this papercraft teaser video is to be believed.

Sony has released a teaser video for a new laptop/tablet hybrid. It comes shortly before the annual IFA trade show, where many new products are announced, so it's safe to read into the timing of this video that it's related to a product debuting during IFA.

Unlike many teaser videos with quick-cut closeups of hinges, corners, and other macro details, this video portrays a papercraft laptop being folded and unfolded into different shapes. First, a traditional clamshell laptop. Then the hands fold that shape down into a flat tablet and a screen-out kiosk mode. Finally, the tablet is flipped to resemble a closed clamshell laptop with a Vaio logo and a horizontal line across the center of the lid, which has some as yet unannounced significance.


Along with many other companies, Sony is expected to reveal new products next week during its IFA press conference, perhaps including the real-world version of this paper hybrid.