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Sony Tablet P finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade

The Tablet P has the upgrade, but it's weeks later than Sony promised.

Good news if you own a Sony Tablet P -- it should have Ice Cream Sandwich right now, at this very minute, as we speak.

The rollout for Sony's dual-screened tablet was supposed to kick off on 24 May in select markets, including the UK, but is only just arriving now, SlashGear reports. That's a bit of a delay admittedly, but nowhere near as bad as some.

When the Tablet P launched we suspected the two-screen layout could cause headaches and even more upgrade issues. But it's been a relatively straightforward route to Ice Cream Sandwich. Fingers crossed, anyway.

The P's brother, the Tablet S, received the update back in April. With the latest version of Android on your Tablet P, you'll be able to use shrunken down features like a miniature browser window or a calculator on top of supported apps like a browser, so you can find out info without having to head back to the home screen. It's called Small Apps, and works just like Dashboard on an Apple computer.

You can start the camera in panoramic mode straight from the lock screen, so you'll never miss a snap, and a new browser lets you go from a mobile to a desktop version of a site with one button.

However, Google is expected to lift the curtain on Jelly Bean, the newest version of Android very soon, bringing even newer features to the table. These updates have caused plenty of headaches for consumers, with no shortage of delays. I'm of the opinion that if you invest in a product you shouldn't then have to wait all this time, as deadline after deadline whooshes by -- especially if you're spending hundreds of pounds on a device.

Do you own a Tablet P? Have you received the update yet? What do you reckon? Let me know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.