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Sony PJ200 and PJ260 projector camcorders in hands-on video

Check out our video of the Sony PJ200 and PJ260 lighting up our lives with their built-in projectors.

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Richard Trenholm
Watch this: Sony PJ200 and PJ260 hands-on

Draw the curtains, would you? We've got our hands on the PJ200 and PJ260, the latest camcorders from Sony to light up our lives -- thanks to their built-in projectors.

Fill the PJ200 and PJ260 with high-definition video of your friends and family frolicking, and there's no messing about with memory cards or uploading to YouTube: simply press the projector button and beam your video on to the nearest wall, table, tree or person.

The camcorders feature a projector light in the front of the fold-out screen. A dedicated button inside switches between the projector and the normal camera functions. Press play on our video above to see how the PJ200 and PJ260 play back the fun when you're on the run.

You don't need pitch darkness to use the projector, so it's great for pubs, clubs and parties. The projector is capable of beaming a picture about the same size as a 60-inch TV. 

When they're not projecting, both shoot 1080p high-definition video. They pack EXMOR CMOS sensors and a 3-inch touchscreen. The PJ260 has 8GB of memory on board, while the PJ200 uses SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.

Other projecting snappers include the Nikon Coolpix S1200pj stills camera, which also shoots video.

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