Snapmaker Announces Its First Dedicated Laser Cutter, the Ray, in 20w and 40w Flavors

Snapmaker has always made good three-in-one machines. Now it's focusing its sights on a dedicated laser cutter.

James Bricknell Senior Editor
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James Bricknell
A Snapmaker Ray in a dark workshop

Snapmaker has been making three-in-one manufacturing tools -- The Snapmaker, Snapmaker 2 and Artisan -- for over six years now. These machines have changeable tool heads that can be used for 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining. At the beginning of this year, it branched out to make a dedicated 3D printer, the J1 -- a dual print-head machine that works very well -- and today the company revealed its first stand-alone laser cutter.

Called the Ray, this laser cutter comes with either a powerful 40-watt laser for $1,299, or a 20-watt version for $999, a price that puts it in direct competition with Glowforge's new laser, the Aura. The 40w laser is capable of cutting through 20mm (3/4-inch) pieces of wood in one pass, while the 20w version will cut through 10mm basswood easily. It has a 400-by-600mm cutting service with a raisable leg system to allow it to cut and etch into thicker pieces of material like boxes or chopping boards. While the Ray doesn't come with an enclosure, there is an optional one available that has an auto shut-off system so the laser stops when you open the lid. 

The Snapmaker Ray is available to preorder today, Aug. 22, 2023, at a discounted price of $999 for the 20-watt version and $1,299 for the more powerful 40-watt version.