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Slice lasagna perfectly

The Slice Lasagna Pan features a removable insert that creates 12 evenly size squares of lasagna.

I want that one. Taylor Gifts

Someday, all food will come in exact sizes and shapes. No, I'm not talking about the oft-mentioned food pills of the always-distant future, where one capsule supplies enough nutrients for the day. Hopefully, that terrifying future never falls upon us, because eating or preparing a well-made meal can be rewarding in its own right. However, there is something to be said about food that is served exactly the same every time. Just ask siblings how they feel about the concept as they try to split a particularly delicious treat like pizza or a brownie.

Speaking of brownies, we've seen the concept before: a brownie pan that creates equal-sized squares of the chocolate treat. While it is not uncommon for children to fuss over who has a larger piece of brownie, the competition is rarely taken to dinner items, such as lasagna. Thanks to the Slice Lasagna Pan, it need never happen.

Twelve perfectly portioned squares of lasagna are cooked at one time. Simply layer your creation as you would with any other lasagna pan, and then push in the cutting grid. The lasagna cooks into individual squares, with the added benefit of four delicious cooked sides for each piece of lasagna. Of course if lasagna is not your thing, with its 2.75-inch depth there is no stopping you from making twelve huge squares of brownies--all with four sides of crust.