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Slice fruits and vegetables safely

Slicing fruits and vegetables can put your fingertips in danger, but the Progressive International Tower Slicer can slice them quickly and safely.

I like to slice my fruits and vegetables pretty thin: whether I'm making a salad or I'm planning to cook something a little more complicated, I generally don't want fruits and veggies in chunks. But in my efforts to slice food as thin as I want it, I've put my fingertips in danger more than once. I'm not too big of a fan of how long I have to stand around slicing vegetables or fruit, either. The Progressive International Tower Slicer provides a quick fix for both issues: my fingertips aren't anywhere near a blade when I use the slicer and it can take apart even large chunks of vegetables in just a moment. Using the Progressive International Tower Slicer is a matter of placing produce on top of the blade and using the slicer's lid to push it downward. You've immediately got slices ready to eat or cook in the slicer's container. The container has nonskid feet to keep it in place on your counter while you're slicing, and the whole slicer is dishwasher-safe. The Progressive International Tower Slicer also comes with a lid cleaning tool to remove any slices that get stuck. It's priced at $17.95 and can be used with just about any piece of produce you can think of.

The Tower Slicer Progressive International