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Slice and core, quickly

It takes only a moment for the Progressive Adjustable Pit and Split to turn your fruit into snack-size pieces.

The Adjustable Pit and Split
The Adjustable Pit and Split
Sur la table

If you buy more than an apple or two at a time, slicing them up can turn into a bit of process. If you need enough slices for a house full of kids or you're planning to preserve some fruit, coring and slicing that bag of apples can become overwhelming. But the Adjustable Pit and Split from Progressive can make the whole situation simple again. This corer can handle a lot more fruit than just apples, too. The adjustable design can take the pits out of peaches and plums, core pears, and handle plenty of other fruit. Wash your fruit and run it through the Adjustable Pit and Split: you'll be ready either to eat it or can it on the spot.

The Adjustable Pit and Split has extrasharp adjustable blades that extend past the base of the corer so that you can be sure it will pass all the way through any fruit you're working on. You can adjust the blades to slice fruit in half or in quarters. The blades are stainless steel, whereas the base and grip of the tool are ABS plastic. The Adjustable Pit and Split is safe to run through the dishwasher. It's $10.