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Sleep Number x12 bed with sleep monitor, snore-stopper

The humble mattress gets a high-tech upgrade with Sleep Number's new x12, a sleep-monitoring, safety-lighting, snore-stopping bed.

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LAS VEGAS -- Sleep monitoring has turned into a popular digital activity. You buy a piece of hardware or load up an app and snooze with your iPhone tucked in with you. Or you can drop just under $8,000 and pick up the new Sleep Number x12 bed instead. You'll get sleep monitoring and whole lot more tech crammed under the covers.

The x12 has the dual-air adjustable mattress system that made the company famous, but then it goes off the high-tech deep end with all sorts of extra goodies. It integrates sleep-monitoring technology from Bam Labs that is much like Santa Claus. It knows when you're asleep. It knows when you're awake. It knows your heart and breathing rates. It can capture data from two different people and sends it all to an iOS app that gives you a sleeping score along with the details of each night's rest (or unrest).

Sleep Number x12
This bed knows more about your sleep than you do. Amanda Kooser/CNET

There are some bells and whistles that make this all even more entertaining. A Partner Snore button lets you raise the head of your partner's side of the bed to banish the nighttime noises. The remote control can be voice-activated to change the bed position or turn on lighting. Speaking of lighting, a subtle under-bed lighting system glows to greet you when you get up to wander at night.

Optional night stands will be available with charging stations for your tech devices. The x12 is easily the most expensive bed in Sleep Number's line, and it's aimed firmly at early adopters. Still, Sleep Number says it expects to integrate some of these technologies into its more affordable models in the not-too-distant future.

The bed itself doesn't look too different from any other Sleep Number bed, but the tech hiding inside is quite an advancement over a regular old mattress. It's a bit of a sneak peek at where sleep tech is heading.

Sleep Number x12
The headboard and night stands are optional. Sleep Number