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Singapore may be trying out 'flying taxis' in the near future

Taking to the skies on a drone to head home in the island state could be a thing in 2030, says Singapore's Ministry of Transport.

The Hoversurf Scorpion is one of the passenger drones the Singapore government is interested in.
Alexander Atamanov/Hoversurf

If the roads are terribly congested and there's just no way to get home fast, perhaps hopping on a flying drone taxi may be the best way to get home in Singapore in 2030.

That's at least the plan for the island state's Ministry of Transport, who has been in talks with companies to start trials on drones that can carry passengers, reported local paper The Business Times.

"In 2030, you bet your money that aerial transport will also be a means of urban mobility," said Pang Kin Keong, the ministry's permanent secretary.

Given Singapore's relatively small size and dense population, traffic congestion has always been a headache for the government. The country imposes hefty taxes on car ownership, as well as automated tolls to reroute traffic to less busier roadways. It has also been testing out driverless pods as well as allowing driverless taxi trials as it seeks to find a solution to manage jams.

The futuristic plan was unveiled during a local forum, where the ministry talked about its plans for urban mobility in the year 2030 and that while trains would still be the core of the country's public transport system, other solutions such as on-demand buses as well as driverless buses are also being considered.

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