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Shuttle launches new products

Shuttle launches three new product ranges in an attempt to recapture the market.

Shuttle has updated its range of barebones PCs, redefining its line-up into three divisions -- XPC Prima, XPC Glamor and D'VO.

The Prima is aimed at the enthusiast, with versions available based on Intel's P35 and X38 chipsets, the SP35P2 Pro and SX38P2 Pro respectively. Capable of taking Intel's soon to be released 45nm CPUs, it also features eight-channel Dolby Digital sound, and the X38 version can support AMD Crossfire set-ups and Shuttle assures us focuses heavily on overclocking. In an interesting move, the SX38P2 features a fingerprint reader that can store up to 10 different fingerprints, if you need that extra layer of security.

The Glamor is next in line, and is targeted more to the mainstream audience, with versions available based on the G33 chipset for the Intel side, and NVIDIA's 630a for the AMD side. Both these solutions come with integrated graphics, the first a GMA X3100, the second a GeForce 7025 or 7050 -- while neither of these are stellar on the graphics performance side, only the Intel solution offers DirectX 10 support. Both feature HDMI though, and would be more than capable as a media centre box.

Shuttle's final new line, the D'VO (pictured above), is fashioned entirely for HTPC use. It differentiates itself from the Glamor by including a front panel display, remote control, and built in 802.11g and Bluetooth.

USB speedlink is available on all models, which allows the user to plug one side of a male-male USB cord into your Shuttle machine, hook it up to another machine and transfer files without the need for extra software.

For the full range of Shuttle's offerings, head over to its Web site.