Sharp DK-A10HBK: iPod docking with style

This new hi-fi from Sharp features total integration of any iPod model, an advanced digital signal processor and a stylish design fit for any digital lifestyle enthusiast

Nate Lanxon Special to CNET News

Sharp has announced a new iPod-integrated hi-fi system, which aims to deliver superior sound quality while providing a simplistic way to climb about the iPod lifestyle. The DK-A10HBK supports all models of iPod, so there's no need to worry over whether your third-generation iPod or second-generation nano will work with it.

Built into the system is a digital signal processor and Sharp's new E-Sound technology. Together, the DK-A10HBK can analyse the highly compressed structure of MP3 music and reproduce it at improved quality. The system can also dynamically apply equaliser settings to better suit each song. A two-way bass reflex system and two integrated subwoofers promise clarity and bass, and the unit will pump out music with 22W of total output power.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of a remote control. It's always a painful experience having to get out of that comfortable arm chair to change tracks, and Sharp has included a remote that will operate the iPod. There's also a self-loading CD player built into the front that can take advantage of the same processing used for iPod playback. It'll also play any MP3s stored on a CD ROM and supports any ID3 information embedded into the files, which it'll kindly display on the large dot-matrix display.

The DK-A10HBK goes on sale in the UK in May with a suggested price of £239. An identical version -- the DK-A1HBK -- comes without a CD player and will sell for £189, also in May. -NL