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Shake it up with a Blender Bottle

Blender Bottles allow you to mix it up while on the go. Pour and shake is all it takes.

If you add a couple of teaspoons of powder to a liquid and shake, you wind up with grit in the bottom of the pitcher or the bottle you're using. It doesn't matter if you're mixing Kool-Aid or energy shakes--shaking just doesn't mix smoothly.

Blender Bottle

Until now, that is. Blender Bottles have improved on the extremely basic bottle and lid design to provide a bottle capable of smooth mixing with just a couple of shakes. The big difference between Blender Bottles and their old-fashioned counterparts is the blender ball. This wire ball looks fairly similar to a whisk without a handle, and it mixes just as well. It goes into the bottle, along with your other ingredients, and moves through them as you shake. The design of the blender ball agitates ingredients beyond what simple shaking can provide and creates a smooth blend.

The blender ball is electropolished surgical stainless steel, and the cup and lid are high-quality plastic. They're easy to use and easy to clean. The Blender Bottle even comes in two sizes: regular (28 ounces) and mini (20 ounces). You can use them for everything from mixing pancake batter to drinking nutrition shakes to scrambling eggs.